Learn how to renovate your dream home

Learn how to renovate your dream home


Welcome to HomeNotes, where we teach you everything you need to know to transform your home through renovation.


Your journey

How can we best support your project?

Find out where you are on the renovation journey below to see which course or membership is right for you.

Project preparation

You've got an exciting idea for how to update your home. But where to begin?

Get the fundamentals of your project set up with this essential course.

Working out the details

There are so many decisions to be made when renovating, from building control to bathroom fittings, choosing contractors and agreeing a price.

Continue your learning with HomeNotes Membership to get all the details in place.

Running a happy site

Having contractors in your home can feel chaotic and overwhelming. 
In this comprehensive course we show you how to step up your project management skills, so that throughout the process - from groundworks to setting foot in your new home - you'll be the boss without stepping on anyone's toes.
This course saved my sanity and budget so many times, in fact it’s been the backbone of how we managed the renovation
HomeNotes member

Our ethos

We're architects with over ten years' experience, and can confirm, renovation is not always easy!

That's why our mission at HomeNotes is help you understand the often complex processes, so that you can manage your works like a pro, and get the house you want.

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Transparent and impartial

We give you the full picture you need to make the right decisions for your project.

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Empowering you

You are the most powerful asset to your project. We’re here to help you take control of your renovation.

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We're here for you! Get your queries answered with our Q&A support.


Sometimes you just want to talk through all your ideas with someone.

Book a HOME consultation with us today, and get advice on your project plans, budgets and the next steps! 

It was so lovely to meet you and a massive weight off to have professional eyes on our project
Emma Cowley
Constultantation client 2021

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