Get the home
you really want 

Learn how to unlock the potential in your house

Get the home 
you really want

Learn how to unlock the potential in your house

Are you ready to invite people into your dream home?

  • Got tons of ideas but don’t know what you can afford to do?
  • Frustrated that you still haven’t started renovating yet?

Works on your home can be a daunting prospect

At times, the world of renovating can feel like the wild wild west – with DIY success stories on one hand, and tales of sky-high costs and ‘dodgy builders’ on the other.

It’s so easy to stay stuck, and never start the ball rolling at all.

We’re here to help navigate your reno journey with ease

No matter if you’re refurbishing your kitchen, extending your home or just thinking about the possibilities, we’ve got you covered.

HomeNotes has all the support and resources you need to get the home you want and save you thousands of pounds – seriously!

We’ve worked with 100’s of home renovators to turn their ideas into finished homes, transforming their day-to-day lives.


3 ways we can help you:

Free Budget Guide

Not being clear on the different parts of your budget when discussing your project can lead to crossed wires.

And crossed wires = extra costs.

It doesn’t have to be this way! 

Download our free budget guide to ensure you have the right conversations with your team.


Getting Started

Making a plan for your project is the ONLY way to ensure you achieve the home you want while sticking to your budget.

Getting Started takes you step-by-step through how to get clarity on what your project includes, make a budget for your works, and ensure you hire the right team to get you to the finish line.


If you’re feeling stuck sometimes you just need a talk to a real person. 

Book a HOME consultation with us today, and get tailored advice on your project plans, budgets and the next steps! 

Loved the fact that it was all video content and broken into bitesized chunks.
Naomi - Getting Started attendee
The course gave me the ability to speak the architects' language - by translating elements and giving examples every time.
Jessica - Getting Started attendee
It 's given me a great deal more confidence and clarity in talking to our contractors. I've got a few quiet nods of respect and queries about why I'm so clued up!
Iona - Getting Started attendee

Our ethos

We’re architects with over ten years’ experience renovating homes, and can confirm, renovation is not always easy!

That’s why our mission at HomeNotes is help you navigate the often complex process so that you can manage your works like a pro, and get the house you want.

Ready to join us?

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Our membership is launching at the start of June.  Sign up to get notified when it goes live! 

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