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Date: 2nd February 2019 

Times: 10am until 5.30pm with follow on drinks

Location: The Modern House: St Alphege Hall, King’s Bench St, London, SE1 0QX

Price: £180 per person or £270 for 2 people working on the same project. Lunch and refreshments included.



  • Your project plan: a comprehensive brief to communicate your unique requirements to your prospective architect or contractor.

  • A clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it.

  • Design advice from an experienced architect with follow on steps identifying specific actions of how to take your project forward.

  • Access to our Home Notes Facebook Community for on going support with your project.


renovating your home: BIG IDEAS ON A BUDGET

Hosted by The Modern House, this practical workshop is an essential starting point for anyone planning a renovation or construction project on their home.  When renovating on a budget every decision counts.  Knowing who to hire, what things should cost and how to plan for your project can save you thousands of pounds.

You will benefit from the advice of experienced architects sharing their first-hand knowledge of residential renovations.  The focus of the day is on making the right choices for your own project.  You’ll learn what is involved in a building project and your role in that, helping you to avoid costly mistakes and giving you confidence in your decisions. See below for a full breakdown of the day and what we will be covering in the workshop.

10.00 – 11.00: THE BIG PICTURE

Understanding what a project involves and how to adapt this for your requirements. Using real case studies we’ll compare the different professionals you could hire, the various ways you can organise the process, and explain the impacts each will have on the budget, programme and design of your project.


Identify what you want to achieve and learn how to communicate it. We’ll teach you how to quantify which aspects of your project are (and aren’t) important to you so that you can clearly communicate your brief to your team and prioritise your budget.

Break for refreshments

12.15 – 1.00: BEING THE BOSS

Understand your role on the project and where you can add value. Learn tips for a time and cost efficient project and how to schedule your available time for maximum effect and make use of your own skills to save yourself money.

Break for lunch


Using real case studies we’ll guide you through the process of identifying your budget and mapping out all the potential costs you may encounter. We’ll give you practical methods you can use to manage your budget (and stick to it) throughout the course of your project.

3.30 – 5.30: Workshop + One-to-one Consultations

As part of the afternoon session, this is a chance to use the information learnt and apply it your own project.  

We’ll guide you through a 4 step plan to identify your budget, your brief, your team and your programme. Amy and Jane will be on hand to help you fill out our simple worksheets so that you will leave the session with a completed, comprehensive plan to get your project off to a flying start!

During the afternoon you’ll be invited to discuss your project for a 20 min one-to-one consultation with an architect who will use the information gathered through your exercises and your estate agent plans to conduct a design consultation based on your particular circumstances and identify next steps to take your project forward.

This workshop is equivalent to completing the Strategic definition and Preparation & Brief Stages (Stages  0-1) of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work.  The RIBA recommends these planning stages as the essential preparation for any project.  To find out more about the RIBA and their Plan of Work read more here.