Your ultimate guide to cabinet handles

When it comes to renovating your home, choosing the handles to your joinery can seem like a minor decision. Especially when there's a torrent of other decisions that you need to make to keep the project on track!

These small details can really impact the overall look of a space, and it's worth taking a moment to consider what you want to achieve! Integrated handles can create clean, simple lines if you're looking for a minimal interior. On the other hand, a well chosen handle can add character and a pop of interest to a space.

So, which ones do you choose? There are an enormous array of handles out there in the market, but often the ones from your local Magnet or Wickes can leave you wanting. 

Never fear, we've done the hard leg work for you and put together your ultimate guide to handles - for when you want to choose that extra little something.

Project by Turner Architects

Handles by Superfront >

Handles really are that small but important detail that can really lift a piece of furniture. Which is why we're so glad that Superfront provide handles that develop a beautiful patina.  'We have chosen to produce our handles in timeless shapes and solid, untreated materials. This makes it so that they will age with grace and only become more beautiful with time.' 

Exactly what the doctor ordered. See our top three choices below:


Mini Reflection

Mini Reflection is available in brass, copper, aluminium and in a matte black finish. The handle is characterized by clean lines and is also a further development from the slightly bigger Reflection handle.

> Price / each: 19 EUR



Pluto is available in brass, copper, aluminium and Deep Black. The handles design is strictly geometric - with a ball on a cylinder, completely accordingly to functionalisms stylish ideals. This gives the handle a toned down, timeless and elegant feel.

> Price / each: 21 EUR


Holy Wafer

With time, the untreated brass and copper will develop a beautiful patina. The shape of our Holy Wafer has been designed as simple as possible - it is a circle shape that has been bent softly, making half the circle visible.

> Price / each: 19 EUR

Handles by Plykea >

Plykea make bespoke plywood doors, drawer fronts, worktops and cover panels for IKEA kitchen cabinets. And they also provide beautiful options for handles. Take a look at our favourites below:


Brass Edge Pull

The brass edge pull is the perfect accompaniment to our wood faced fronts creating a clean and elegant look. Made from solid brass each handle is finished with a matt lacquer to ensure it doesn't tarnish. The standard width is 75mm.

> Price available on request

Grab Handle

The classic grab handle works brilliantly with any material however there are a few door and drawers type which this handle cannot be used with. These include, built in appliances, wall mounted cabinet doors, under oven drawers and fronts in tall cabinets housing appliances.

> Price available on request

Circle Pull

The circular finger pull creates a classic look which looks great with any choice of material however it is not suitable for use with built in appliances.

> Price available on request

Handles from Dowsing + Reynolds >

Adding layers of texture is a quick way to add interest to your interiors. Cushions, throws and rugs are a given, but what about door handles? Use these Magni leather pull handles on your wardrobe doors or kitchen units and it will soften the whole look . . .


Magni Leather Handles

To create the most natural-looking leather these handles are coloured using a process which means each batch may vary slightly in colour. Each leather door handle is available in three colours; black, dark tan and light tan, with a choice of metal fastenings.

> Price / each: £16.00

Handles by Auhaus

Auhaus is an architecture studio operating out of Melbourne, Australia. The founders, architects Benjamin Stibbard and Kate Fitzpatrick are focused mainly on residential work, but revel in the initial broad brush pen strokes down to the in-house fabrication of  joinery hardware and lighting, including their incredible handles.

These handles are available in a high polished brass, raw brass (which will patina over time) bronze and various plated finishes as special orders. Other plated finishes are also available on request. *Remember to allow a 6 week lead time on their handles if they're not in stock and email for international postage.


Envelope Handle

The Envelope handle is made from solid brass and is designed to be recessed into the top of drawer or cupboard fronts. The handles can also be used vertically back to back on the sides of cupboard doors to form a diamond.

> Price / each: 77 AUD


Radius Handle

The Envelope handle is made from solid brass and is designed to be recessed into the top of drawer or cupboard fronts. The handles can also be used vertically back to back on the sides of cupboard doors to form a diamond.

> Price / each: 35.20 AUD

Handles from Plank Hardware

Plank Hardware are a fairly new company but they are so good at what they do! Solid brass cabinet handles, drawer pulls, shelf brackets, hooks and hardware pieces. They exist to inspire and unlock your creativity and make your space your own. Our top three choices below:


KEPLER Knurled T-Bar Handle

Tooled from solid brass, the texture catches the light and adds a touch of luxury to any home project. Available as a single T bar plus four longer lengths all with standard UK screw widths, these handles can be used for anything from up cycling or Ikea hacking through to finishing a bespoke kitchen build.

> Price / each: £16.95


TURING Hexagon Knob

The TURING hexagonal knob is perfect for adding a geometric touch to your furniture or cabinets. This simple design gives an angular, contemporary look. Available in two sizes, it also complements the circular LOVELL knob.

> Price / each: £5.95


WATT T-bar Handle

The WATT T-bar is simple and elegant and can be used to freshen up an existing space or a full renovation in the kitchen, utility room or bedroom. They are easy to install, simply put the supplied 25mm screw(s) through the back of the door or drawer and screw the handles on from the front.

> Price / each: From £4.95

Handles from Etsy

Etsy can be a great place to find bespoke handles and knobs from UK makers. There is such a massive range of products available and well worth searching through to find hidden gems! *Always check the reviews of the suppliers and allow plenty of time for delivery.


Colourful Wooden Knobs

Add a playful aspect to your interior with these practical and fun accessories. Handmade in Chocolate Creative’s studios these knobs can update your furniture or add a personal touch to your newly bought cabinets or drawers!

> Price / each: £11.40


Gold Semicircle Handles

These gold semi-circle handles are a perfect finish to a modern kitchen or wardrobe. Dimensions: 64mm and sold by Star Hardware Store via Etsy.

> Price / each: £5.90


Long Pull Bar Handles

These simplistic curved brushed brass door and drawer pull handles are the perfect finishing touch for all cabinets, wardrobes and drawers. Available in five sizes and can be fitted either horizontally or vertically.

> Price / each: From £12.00 - £50.00

Handles from Anthropologie

If you're looking for something a bit different, it's worth checking out the retail shop Anthropologie who provide unexpectedly colourful and intriguing handles and knobs - at reasonable prices! Our two favourites for packing a punch are below:


Mimi Handles

If you're looking for a fresh way of updating your home, then consider this Mimi handle. It arrives in a polished gold-tone hue and has a contrasting white centre panel that is sure to infuse your living space with a modern charm.

> Price / each: £12.00


Plusso Knob

Decorated with colourful polka dots and geometric motifs in light, pastel shades, these Plusso door knob will bring a playful charm to your home.

> Price / each: £8.00


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