The New DIY: Online Renovation Courses


Homeowners have always been drawn to DIY as a way to save costs on their renovations.  Aspirations for our homes are ever increasing, but not everyone can afford a full design and management service from a range of consultants to achieve the look.
Professionals are passing on their tips and tricks to show how they achieve the results they do. This supports people to be confident in their own projects, and democratises good design. This new move is being powered by technology that allows people to view “behind the scenes” of their process, in order to understand common opportunities and pitfalls!
From designing your renovation, to how to plan project manage your build, right through to creating an interior aesthetic, meet the companies who are teaching you how to do-it-yourself.

1. Design

You can’t afford an architect but don’t have the design skills or experience to draw up new layouts/ ideas . . .

Well, have no fear Office S&M architects and nimtim architects have both created Domestika courses that walk you through creating a design for a new extension and an internal refurbishment.


Home Extension Design: Transform a Living Space

Discover how to reimagine existing living spaces and create a sustainable project plan with an original design.



Spatial Design: Create Interior Spaces That Tell A Story

Explore colour, materials, furniture, and lighting to design joyful spaces inspired by a personal narrative.


For a it more hand holding, it is well worth checking out The Two Architects.
If you’re looking to extend and renovate your home with confidence, you can get online architectural services in an online “Pay As You Meet” style.
Plus, it’s delivered by George and Ewald themselves, the directors of the multi-award winning architectural practice Bradley Van Der Straeten.

2. Management

Struggling to understand the processes required and steps you need to take to make your new dream home?

Well, here at HomeNotes we are all about helping you make a strategic plan for your project so that you can confidently take charge of your own renovation.

Learn how to stay on budget, avoid costly mistakes and get that dream home you set out to achieve!

We are so happy to offer courses and advice for homeowners new to the process. Check out our two most popular courses below!
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Getting Started

Save time, money and stress by making a plan for your renovation with our signature Getting started course.

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Site Survival

This practical course covers everything you need to know about working with a contractor – saving you time, money and stress.


3. Interiors

From creating a coherent vision for your space to communicating your design to others, finishing a interior can often be a real stumbling block for homeowners.
I mean, there’s just SO much choice out there, it can be hard to know where to start.
Never fear, here’s our top three favourites for you.


Be your own interior designer

A creative interior design course that helps you to design knock out room schemes with ease and inspiration.



Designer’s Table: Kitchen Design Workshop

An evening of interior design, while learning how to solve your kitchen design dilemmas.



How to be mad about your house

This down-to-earth, practical guide will help you tackle all the rooms in your home, encouraging you to express yourself through design no matter how big or small the project might be.

We have created a FREE Renovation Budget Guide that unpacks all the figures of a project – from building costs and professional fees to those extra expenses that no-one tells you about. This will put your construction budget in the context of the whole project’s costs and make sure you’re considering all those added extras from the outset.

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Open House Festival: 8th – 21st of September

For those who have decided THIS is the year that they’re going to bite the bullet and renovate, Open House London is a chance to go and see some projects up close and personal. Here’s our list of recommended projects to go visit.

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The ‘Iron Triangle’ you should embrace

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Making the most of your outdoor space

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Why well designed homes cost more

Good design isn’t just a luxury for those with the biggest budgets; it’s a sound financial decision for everyone. We take a look at The Modern House and their approach.

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