About Home Notes - Equipping people for Renovation Projects

About Home Notes

Home Notes provides all the practical information and confidence you need to manage your own renovation project.

We believe in equipping people with everything they need to know about running their own renovation projects and have set up HOME NOTES as an online learning resource with bespoke workshops, live webinars and one-on-one consultations; you can choose the amount of help you need.

As experienced architects, our aim is to give you the confidence and know-how for a cost effective, trouble-free construction project with amazing results.

We’d like this to be shared experience so it’s really important for us to know what you think and what would be helpful for you.  Are there any subject or topics you’d like us to cover? If so, let us know we’re waiting to hear from you!


About Amy + jane

When we started our architectural practice we decided early on that we both loved residential architecture and the joy of creating spaces for people to enjoy in their everyday lives.

 For us, HOME NOTES is a chance to reflect and catalogue the lessons we’ve learnt over our past 10 years through designing and creating architectural spaces.  We wanted to speak to our past clients, evaluate the projects we had completed and better understand how we could improve what we do. 

We’ve always said that architectural design should be available to everyone irrelevant of budget and have an affinity with people who have big aspirations but small pockets - much like ourselves. 

Our ambition is that HOME NOTES can be a place to help people navigate through the process of renovating their homes and save them stress, time and money in the process!